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Watches To Be Proud To Own, and To Pass To The Next Generation.

If you are going to wear a Timepiece, make sure it's Unique.

We offer watches from the best names in the industry. All of these unique pieces exemplify what it means to be a classy, precious, and stylish timepiece.

Check our catalog, choose the watch set your heart on, and leave the rest for us !

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Timepieces and valuables Insurance

Some Watches and Jewelry are more than just something you wear, and watch manufacturers don't provide insurance.

Carduelis Always Does!

Some safes aren't necessarily safe, and timepieces can get misplaced or stolen, and homeowner's insurance won't cut it, so that : 

We work with the Best,
so you can wear and keep your Timepiece with Confidence.

Carduelis - Zillion Watch insurance Partner
Carduelis - Chubb Watch insurance partner
Carduelis - Lemonade watch insurance partner
Carduelis - Briteco watch insurance
Carduelis - Wax watch insurance partner